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About Us

OnMyWhey® is a health & fitness consumer goods company that is brought to you by the makers of Sriracha2Go®. Our mission is to create products that help people live active and healthy lives, and have fun while doing so!

Our flagship product is the OnMyWhey portable supplement keychain funnel. With it's patented and miniature design, OnMyWhey allows you to scoop your favorite supplement (e.g., whey or plant protein, pre-workout, BCAAs, etc.) and funnel it into a drink bottle when you're ready to consume!

Simply unscrew the bottom cap to easily SCOOP your supplement into the wide mouth opening of the empty OMW bottle, CARRY the bottle with you by using the easy clip carabiner keychain to clip the bottle to your clothes, gym bag, purse, or anything else, and then unscrew the top cap to FUNNEL your supplement into a water or drink bottle and enjoy! The ideal gift for fitness enthusiasts of all levels, OnMyWhey will be by your side whether you need your supplement fix before, during, or after a gym session, a long run, a yoga session, or a grueling Crossfit workout. OnMyWhey is not just for whey or supplement powders, but is also great for containing camping spices, baby formula, vitamins, medications, and much more.

We've engineered the perfect device for your supplements so that you can bring your dedication to health and fitness with you wherever you go. Grab one of the Punnies to have a laugh or moment of inspiration along the whey 😉 as well! 

Say goodbye to plastic baggies and BRING IT!   #bringit #onmywhey