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Protein Powder & Supplement Containers To Go (180ml, Assortment of 5 Punnies)

Unleash the Funnel Fury with the 5-Pack of OnMyWhey Double Scoop Punnies – It’s Time to Shake Things Up!

Calling all muscle-makers with a sense of humor: Are you ready to transform your protein shake routine from dull to delightful? We've got something so pun-tastic, it's guaranteed to add a scoop of laughter to your muscle-building journey. Introducing the OnMyWhey Double Scoop Punnies 5-Pack – because why shouldn't your supplements be fun?

Our OnMyWhey Double Scoop Punnies aren't just containers; they're your new workout buddies with a sense of humor. With designs like "Time To Get Wheysted" and "Exercise?! I Thought You Said Extra Fries," these 180ml keychain marvels are the perfect fusion of function and fun. Ready to hear more? Buckle up, buttercup.

  • Perfect For: Protein Powder, Creatine, Pre Workout, BCAAs, Intra & Post Workout Recovery, and other supplements.
  • On The Go Flexibility: Big enough to carry the gains (two full scoops of protein powder), yet compact enough to tag along on all your adventures. Whether you're pumping iron, running wild, or just flexing in the mirror (we don't judge), your Double Scoop Punny is there, clipped to your side like a loyal companion.
  • The Fast & the Funnel-ous: This thing is the Usain Bolt of supplement funnels – 2.5x faster than anything else you've tried. Forget the days of slow, messy transfers. Our patented dual screw cap and funnel design makes loading your battle juice so smooth and fast, you'll wonder if it's powered by laughter. 
  • Who said fitness couldn't be fun? With hilarious designs printed on each container, you'll be the life of the locker room. Get ready to turn heads and crack smiles.
  • Measure The Perfect Dose: Hash marks inside each Double Scoop bottle ensure you’re not just throwing in supplements willy-nilly.

Carabiner? Of course. Each bottle comes equipped with a carabiner for that quick clip-and-go action. Attach it to your gym bag, belt loop, or even your pet kangaroo (disclaimer: please don't). Say goodbye to the dark ages of rummaging through your bag like a raccoon in a dumpster.

Each 5-Pack of OnMyWhey Double Scoop Punnies is an invitation to bring more joy to your journey. Why slog through your routine when you can strut, chuckle, and shake up your whey game? Your muscles might be hard, but who said your supplement game has to be?

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to give your workout the punchline it deserves. Get your 5-Pack OnMyWhey Double Scoop Punnies today and let the gains (and laughs) begin!