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November 07, 2018 4 min read

Well, the Holidays are coming up real fast and we all know that this also means the constant distraction of holiday temptation is coming too. Of course, along with all the extra time-consuming responsibilities included with every festive year-end party schedule—family feasts, house rave-ups, office throwdowns, etc.--there’s also the constant distraction of…dangerously delicious holiday feasts!

Yes, you know the kind of pile-it-on-and-gorge feasts of endurance that don’t really fit into anyone’s idea of a healthy, balanced diet which works with your optimum well-being and most legit lifestyle. And when you or yours is serious about your overall well-being, your training regimen and/or your fitness maintenance, this can be a distraction you do not need!

Given the inevitability of the season, we decided to split the difference between a realistically well-deserved holiday celebration(s) and even more realistically fun fitness tools that can allow you (and your loved ones) to stay on a healthy fitness course throughout the holiday season.

That’s right…whether you're looking for something to throw under the tree or for a stocking stuffer, here are our must-have fitness products every King & Queen will not only love but actually love using too!

So alas, check out our Top Five Holiday Gifts for your Lean, Mean Fitness Machine!

OnMyWhey Variety Pack - $19.95

OnMyWhey Variety Pack

The ideal addition for anyone who’s trying to pack in some extra protein but tired of lugging leaking, messy baggies, bottles and/or packages of their fave powdered supplement to the gym every day (and then cleaning out the residue from their bag every week).

We've devised the perfect on-the-go solution with our patented fits-in-your-hand convenient design. Simply-

  1. Unscrew the bottom then scoop your daily amount using the barrel
  2. Clip the carabiner to your gym bag, toss it in your pocket, put it in your purse, etc & you're all set
  3. Pour your supplement neatly into your drink bottle using the no-mess/no-waste top funnel when you’re ready to replenish! 

The OnMyWhey Variety Pack is the perfect bundle for that extra special person who could use more than one scoop of protein with them at all times, and who also prefers to pack that extra punch with some pre-workout before they hit their Crossfit class. You can also swoop up the “Punny Variety Pack” design which includes three clever/cute/motivational logos ($12.95 for the 3-pack) or the “Classic” or "Modern" logo designs (single at $5.95, 3-pack at $11.95 or economy 5-pack for $18.95)  all of which are excellent stocking stuffers no one will want to leave home without! 


BlenderBottle Stainless Steel Shaker (26 oz.) - $24.80

BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle, Copper, 26-Ounce

For the gym rat in your life who takes their muscle blasting workouts seriously, this neat, clean, and super functional shaker bottle will be the newest everyday addition they’ll be glad to add to their gym bag (and it’ll work great with their OnMyWhey bottle).

If they consider their workout supplements as a necessary slice of their monthly budget and their protein shakes as an essential ingredient of their daily workout recipe, then a brand-new shaker bottle will be the handy tool they’ll love, but wouldn’t necessarily spend the extra dollars on otherwise!

Dynapro Fabric Resistance Bands - $13.99

DYNAPRO Fabric Mini Bands High Performance, No Rubber Contact, No Roll, No Slip Resistance Bands aka Hip Bands

The fact is that almost all of us need to shake up our workout routines regularly in order to avoid the dreaded “plateau” effect (especially our lower body routines), or even just to shake it up for fun! And if your fitness fanatic hasn’t tried resistance bands yet, then they will get a kick out of a fresh way to rejuvenate and upgrade their lower body strength & flexibility training. Versatile, durable, simple and effective, the DynaPro resistance bands will provide a dynamic switch to every indoor or outdoor workout routine, and they’re machine-washable too!

Mission EnduroCool Microfiber Cooling Towel - $10Mission Enduracool Microfiber Cooling Towel

Does your favorite fitness freak/athlete happen to appreciate cooling off during a heated workout session? Of course they do, and that’s why the EnduroCool cooling towel is an excellent all-purpose gift.

The microfiber material is ultra-lightweight yet super-absorbent so, after a dip in even slightly cold tap water, this towel will retain a refreshing cool that your weekend warriors, fitness fanatics, outdoor adventurers and even summertime backyard BBQ’ers will appreciate. And the price is…right!

DynaPro Exercise Ball - $22.99

DYNAPRO Exercise Ball - 2,000 lbs Stability Ball - Professional Grade – Anti Burst Exercise Equipment for Home, Balance, Gym, Core Strength, Yoga, Fitness, Desk Chairs

Gentlemen and Ladies, this high quality, heavy duty, durable PVC exercise ball is what you need to specifically work that core like never before, but its simple versatility is also near endless no matter what you’re working on. Once again, if your fitness fanatic hasn’t yet used an exercise ball to blast off his core strength training to another level, then they’re really going to love their newest tool that provides almost endless variations/upgrades to their regular routine. And if they have used one then they love having their own at home! (and it might even encourage younger handheld device-addicted gamers to get more active too)

We all deserve to have a great, fun holiday season with more than a little indulgence before we face the New Year, but with these 5 holiday bargains, your fitness devotees will be able to enjoy the great, fun workout they deserve too!

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