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February 07, 2018 2 min read

The real question here is – what can’t you use OnMyWhey for? Well, the possibilities are endless!

But in case you need some inspiration for what other uses OnMyWhey might have, you’ve come to the right place. We've narrowed down a list of our five favorite ways to use OnMyWhey in addition to filling it with your protein and pre-workout supplements.


  1. Herbal Medication

We’ve all been out and about and wished we had somewhere better to store our herbs, am I right? Baggies just don’t do the job most days and getting holes and losing herbs is a real drag. 

This amazingly convenient little capsule is a fantastic alternative! With ground herbs the funnel can even be used to help you pour into small bowls without any mess. Never scrounge around for spilled crumbs again!


  1. Camping Spices

If you’re outdoorsy chances are you enjoy a good campfire meal.  It can be a pain to lug around tons of different spice containers and often your meals lack something. Then it hits you, you forgot the essentials – salt anyone?

With OnMyWhey you can pre-mix all your must-have spices together and have them handy in one convenient place! You’ll never have to wonder if you grabbed everything again and your campfire dinners will be perfect, every time.


  1. Baby Formula

If you’re a parent you’ve probably been out and about when the twinges of hunger struck your tiny terror. You panic as you rifle through the diaper bag hoping you have formula, to no avail. OnMyWhey could end this problem for good! 

Bring along one – or multiple – bottles of formula! The spout is perfect for dumping the formula into a bottle with water to mix! You’ve got a growing monster, don’t make them wait when their tummy’s grumbling.


  1. Fiber

It’s hard for some of us to get enough fiber in our diets, let alone remember to take their supplement. Don’t make anything harder than it needs to be. With OnMyWhey you can always be sure to have your fiber close at hand!

Dump it straight into your drink of choice as you’re on the go, so you’re able to keep going.


  1. Fish Food

How annoying is it to have an open container of fish food? It’s so easy to accidently knock over – spilling that flake food gold. End your troubles by dumping your freeze-dried foods into OnMyWhey! It’s easily scooped into the container and then cleanly funneled into your aquarium without the mess and hassle of a wide-open jar!


I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again! The possibilities of an empty jar are endless, so what would you use OnMyWhey for?

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